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Euro 2016 in France

24 countries compete in the UEFA European Championship Finals in France from 10th June to 10th July, 2016.

Host Cities:
Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse.

Friday, 10th June

Travel to France France – Romania Travel to Romania (2:1)
St-Denis – Group A.

Saturday, 11th June

Travel to Albania Albania – Switzerland Travel to Switzerland (0:1)
Lens – Group A.

Travel to Wales Wales – Slovakia Travel to Slovakia (2:1)
Bordeaux – Group B.

Travel to England England – Russia Travel to Russia (1:1)
Marseille – Group B.

Sunday, 12th June

Travel to Turkey Turkey – Croatia Travel to Croatia (0:1)
Paris – Group D.

Travel to Poland Poland – Northern Ireland Travel to Northern Ireland (1:0)
Nice – Group C.

Travel to Germany Germany – Ukraine Travel to Ukraine (2:0)
Lille – Group C.

Monday, 13th June

Travel to Spain Spain – Czech Republic Travel to Czech Republic (15:00)
Toulouse – Group D.

Travel to Ireland Republic of Ireland – Sweden Travel to Sweden (18:00)
St-Denis – Group E.

Travel to Belgium Belgium – Italy Travel to Italy (21:00)
Lyon – Group E.

Tuesday, 14th June

Travel to Austria Austria – Hungary Travel to Hungary (18:00)
Bordeaux – Group F.

Travel to Portugal Portugal – Iceland Travel to Iceland (21:00)
St-Etienne – Group F.

Wednesday, 15th June

Travel to Russia Russia – Slovakia Travel to Slovakia (15:00)
Lille – Group B.

Travel to Romania Romania – Switzerland Travel to Switzerland (18:00)
Paris – Group A.

Travel to France France – Albania Travel to Albania (21:00)
Marseille – Group A.

Thursday, 16th June

Travel to England England – Wales Travel to Wales (15:00)
Lens – Group B.

Travel to Ukraine Ukraine – Northern Ireland Travel to Northern Ireland (18:00)
Lyon – Group C.

Travel to Germany Germany – Poland Travel to Poland (21:00)
St-Denis – Group C.

Friday, 17th June

Travel to Italy Italy – Sweden Travel to Sweden (15:00)
Toulouse – Group E.

Travel to Czech Republic Czech Republic – Croatia Travel to Croatia (18:00)
St-Etienne – Group D.

Travel to Spain Spain – Turkey Travel to Turkey (21:00)
Nice – Group D.

Saturday, 18th June

Travel to Belgium Belgium – Republic of Ireland Travel to Ireland (15:00)
Bordeaux – Group E.

Travel to Iceland Iceland – Hungary Travel to Hungary (18:00)
Marseille – Group F.

Travel to Portugal Portugal – Austria Travel to Austria (21:00)
Paris – Group F.

Sunday, 19th June

Travel to Romania Romania – Albania Travel to Albania (21:00)
Lyon – Group A.

Travel to Switzerland Switzerland – France Travel to France (21:00)
Lille – Group A.

Monday, 20th June

Travel to Russia Russia – Wales Travel to Wales (21:00)
Toulouse – Group B.

Travel to Slovakia Slovakia – England Travel to England (21:00)
St-Etienne – Group B.

Tuesday, 21st June

Travel to Northern Ireland Northern Ireland – Germany Travel to Germany (18:00)
Paris – Group C.

Travel to Ukraine Ukraine – Poland Travel to Poland (18:00)
Marseille – Group C.

Travel to Croatia Croatia – Spain Travel to Spain (21:00)
Bordeaux – Group D.

Travel to Czech Republic Czech Republic – Turkey Travel to Turkey (21:00)
Lens – Group D.

Wednesday, 22nd June

Travel to Hungary Hungary – Portugal Travel to Portugal (18:00)
Lyon – Group F.

Travel to Iceland Iceland – Austria Travel to Austria (18:00)
St-Denis – Group F.

Travel to Italy Italy – Republic of Ireland Travel to Ireland (21:00)
Lille – Group E.

Travel to Sweden Sweden – Belgium Travel to Belgium (21:00)
Nice – Group E.

Last 16

Saturday, 25th June

Match 1
Runner-up Group A v Runner-up C (15:00)

Match 3
Winner B v Third-place A/C/D (18:00)

Match 2
Winner D v Third-place B/E/F (21:00)

Sunday, 26th June

Match 5
Winner C v Third-place A/B/F (18:00)

Match 4
Winner F v Runner-up E (21:00)

Monday, 27th June

Match 7
Winner A v Third-place C/D/E (15:00)

Match 6
Winner E v Runner-up D (18:00)

Match 8
Runner-up B v Runner-up F (21:00)

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F


Thursday, 30th June

Game 1
Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 (21:00)

Friday, 1st July

Game 2
Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 (21:00)

Saturday, 2nd July

Game 3
Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6 (21:00)

Sunday, 3rd July

Game 4
Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 (21:00)


Wednesday, 6th July

Semi-final 1
Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (21:00)

Thursday, 7th July

Semi-final 2
Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (21:00)

Sunday, 10th July

Euro 2016 Final
Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (21:00)

Euro 2016 in France – Match Reports.


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2014 World Cup – Deciding Group Games

Group ACameroon vs Brazil and Croatia vs Mexico.
If Cameroon beat Brazil, and Croatia draw with Mexico, the hosts are out.

Cameroon are already eliminated.

Group BAustralia vs Spain and Netherlands vs Chile.
Netherlands and Chile will be playing to see who will top the group.

Spain and Australia are out.

Group CGreece vs Ivory Coast and Japan vs Colombia.
Colombia qualified for the knockout stage after Japan and Greece failed to score.

Ivory Coast are in the best position and will only need a point to qualify, if Japan fail to beat Colombia by two goals.

Greece need to beat Cote d’Ivoire and hope that Japan can’t get the better of the South Americans.

Group DCosta Rica vs England and Italy vs Uruguay.
England needed Italy to beat Costa Rica and Uruguay, while beating Costa Rica themselves.

The tired-looking Italians weren’t up to the job but England can only blame themselves for not being good enough in the first place.

Costa Rica now go into the final group games assured of progress to the Second Round, while England are out and Italy could join them if they get beaten by Luis Suarez and Uruguay.

Group EEcuador vs France and Honduras vs Switzerland.
France destroyed Switzerland with an avalanche of goals in Salvador but the French aren’t through and the Swiss aren’t out.

Even Honduras, who have yet to register a point, can progress, with a win against Switzerland; if France beat Ecuador and there’s a two goal advantage swing.

Ecuador need to win by four goals to challenge France; and the Swiss would then have to beat Honduras by five. Ecuador have a two-goal advantage over Switzerland, with both teams on three points.

Switzerland need to win, if Ecuador draw with France; although a draw with Honduras would be enough for the Swiss, if France win.

A loss for Switzerland, would see Honduras overtake them.

Group FBosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran and Nigeria vs Argentina.
Argentina have already qualified, after an injury-time Messi Masterclass against Iran.

Nigeria’s win against Bosnia means a point against Argentina, who are already qualified, would be enough for the West Africans to join the South Americans. A win, and Nigeria would top the group.

If Nigeria lose and Bosnia earn at least a point against Iran, the World Cup first-timers can take the Iranians home with them.

Group GPortugal vs Ghana and USA vs Germany.
Ghana’s well-earned draw against Germany means the Europeans have to wait until the final group games to know their fate.

Losing to USA as the game went into injury time, Portugal were on their way out; until substitute Silvestre Varela headed in an equaliser in the final seconds.

USA and Germany will both progress if their match ends in a draw.

USA may miss out if they lose to Germany and Ghana beat Portugal; with either game having a two goal difference.

Portugal could win against Ghana and still not qualify, if they can’t get a big enough goal diference swing.

Group HAlgeria vs Russia and South Korea vs Belgium.
An 88th minute goal against Russia means Belgium, the ‘surprise package’, sneak through.

Algeria could join them, with a draw against Russia; as long as South Korea don’t win in Sao Paulo, by five goals.

A win for Russia would work for Fabio Capello, as long as Hong Myung-Bo’s team dont beat Belgium by two goals more.

South Korea are not out, but they are a little down.

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Group H – Still Wide Open

Belgium’s narrow victory over Algeria and Russia’s draw with South Korea mean that it’s still all to play for in Group H.

So Belgium became the surprise team of the tournamnet as most people thought they would be; surprised at themselves though, for trailing Algeria at the end of the first half of their opening game in Belo Horizonte.

Algeria might feel disappointed after being in front for so long but in all honesty, they can’t be surprised they lost.

After an uneventful first-half, the game between Russia and South Korea in Cuiaba looked like it was heading for a nil-nil draw.

Thanks to the substitutes, Russia and South Korea managed to score a goal each in the second-half and share the points.

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