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Euro 2016 in France

24 countries compete in the UEFA European Championship Finals in France from 10th June to 10th July, 2016.

Host Cities:
Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse.

Friday, 10th June

Travel to France France – Romania Travel to Romania (2:1)
St-Denis – Group A.

Saturday, 11th June

Travel to Albania Albania – Switzerland Travel to Switzerland (0:1)
Lens – Group A.

Travel to Wales Wales – Slovakia Travel to Slovakia (2:1)
Bordeaux – Group B.

Travel to England England – Russia Travel to Russia (1:1)
Marseille – Group B.

Sunday, 12th June

Travel to Turkey Turkey – Croatia Travel to Croatia (0:1)
Paris – Group D.

Travel to Poland Poland – Northern Ireland Travel to Northern Ireland (1:0)
Nice – Group C.

Travel to Germany Germany – Ukraine Travel to Ukraine (2:0)
Lille – Group C.

Monday, 13th June

Travel to Spain Spain – Czech Republic Travel to Czech Republic (15:00)
Toulouse – Group D.

Travel to Ireland Republic of Ireland – Sweden Travel to Sweden (18:00)
St-Denis – Group E.

Travel to Belgium Belgium – Italy Travel to Italy (21:00)
Lyon – Group E.

Tuesday, 14th June

Travel to Austria Austria – Hungary Travel to Hungary (18:00)
Bordeaux – Group F.

Travel to Portugal Portugal – Iceland Travel to Iceland (21:00)
St-Etienne – Group F.

Wednesday, 15th June

Travel to Russia Russia – Slovakia Travel to Slovakia (15:00)
Lille – Group B.

Travel to Romania Romania – Switzerland Travel to Switzerland (18:00)
Paris – Group A.

Travel to France France – Albania Travel to Albania (21:00)
Marseille – Group A.

Thursday, 16th June

Travel to England England – Wales Travel to Wales (15:00)
Lens – Group B.

Travel to Ukraine Ukraine – Northern Ireland Travel to Northern Ireland (18:00)
Lyon – Group C.

Travel to Germany Germany – Poland Travel to Poland (21:00)
St-Denis – Group C.

Friday, 17th June

Travel to Italy Italy – Sweden Travel to Sweden (15:00)
Toulouse – Group E.

Travel to Czech Republic Czech Republic – Croatia Travel to Croatia (18:00)
St-Etienne – Group D.

Travel to Spain Spain – Turkey Travel to Turkey (21:00)
Nice – Group D.

Saturday, 18th June

Travel to Belgium Belgium – Republic of Ireland Travel to Ireland (15:00)
Bordeaux – Group E.

Travel to Iceland Iceland – Hungary Travel to Hungary (18:00)
Marseille – Group F.

Travel to Portugal Portugal – Austria Travel to Austria (21:00)
Paris – Group F.

Sunday, 19th June

Travel to Romania Romania – Albania Travel to Albania (21:00)
Lyon – Group A.

Travel to Switzerland Switzerland – France Travel to France (21:00)
Lille – Group A.

Monday, 20th June

Travel to Russia Russia – Wales Travel to Wales (21:00)
Toulouse – Group B.

Travel to Slovakia Slovakia – England Travel to England (21:00)
St-Etienne – Group B.

Tuesday, 21st June

Travel to Northern Ireland Northern Ireland – Germany Travel to Germany (18:00)
Paris – Group C.

Travel to Ukraine Ukraine – Poland Travel to Poland (18:00)
Marseille – Group C.

Travel to Croatia Croatia – Spain Travel to Spain (21:00)
Bordeaux – Group D.

Travel to Czech Republic Czech Republic – Turkey Travel to Turkey (21:00)
Lens – Group D.

Wednesday, 22nd June

Travel to Hungary Hungary – Portugal Travel to Portugal (18:00)
Lyon – Group F.

Travel to Iceland Iceland – Austria Travel to Austria (18:00)
St-Denis – Group F.

Travel to Italy Italy – Republic of Ireland Travel to Ireland (21:00)
Lille – Group E.

Travel to Sweden Sweden – Belgium Travel to Belgium (21:00)
Nice – Group E.

Last 16

Saturday, 25th June

Match 1
Runner-up Group A v Runner-up C (15:00)

Match 3
Winner B v Third-place A/C/D (18:00)

Match 2
Winner D v Third-place B/E/F (21:00)

Sunday, 26th June

Match 5
Winner C v Third-place A/B/F (18:00)

Match 4
Winner F v Runner-up E (21:00)

Monday, 27th June

Match 7
Winner A v Third-place C/D/E (15:00)

Match 6
Winner E v Runner-up D (18:00)

Match 8
Runner-up B v Runner-up F (21:00)

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F


Thursday, 30th June

Game 1
Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 (21:00)

Friday, 1st July

Game 2
Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 (21:00)

Saturday, 2nd July

Game 3
Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6 (21:00)

Sunday, 3rd July

Game 4
Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 (21:00)


Wednesday, 6th July

Semi-final 1
Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (21:00)

Thursday, 7th July

Semi-final 2
Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (21:00)

Sunday, 10th July

Euro 2016 Final
Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (21:00)

Euro 2016 in France – Match Reports.

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2014 World Cup Semi-Finals – Europe vs South America

We’re down to the fianl four; Europe vs South America.

Barzil - affiliated with FIFA since 1923. vs Germany - affiliated with FIFA since 1904.
Brazil vs Germany in Belo Horizonte.

Germany and Brazil have won eight World Cups between them but have only played each other once, in the Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup Final.

Germany lost to Brazil (0:2) in Yokohama.

Confederations Cup

Brazil came out victorious from the two meetings with Germany in the Confederations Cup:

(4:0) in the 1999 Guadalajara group stage;
(3:2) in the 2005 Nuremberg semi-final.

The World United Through Football World Cup Winners:

Football in Brazil Sweden 1958; Chile 1962; Mexico 1970; USA 1994; Korea-Japan 2002.

Football in Germany Switzerland 1954; West Germany 1974; Italy 1990.

The Match

Without Neymar and captain Thiago Silva, Brazil will need the home support more than ever. Germany are saying that they’re without Angela Merkul, who has a meeting with the Chinese, and Philipp Lahm needs to be in bed at ten.


Netherlands - affiliated with FIFA since 1904.vs Argentina - affiliated with FIFA since 1912.
Netherlands vs Argentina in Sao Paulo.

Holland and Argentina have met each other four times at the World Cup Finals; with Argentina only winning once (3:1aet) in the Argentina 1978 World Cup Final.

Holland beat Argentina (4:0) in Gelsenkirchen at West Germany 1974; and (2:1) in the Marseilles quarter-final at France 1998.

Holland and Argentina drew (0:0) in the final Group C game at Germany 2006.

There was little to play for then, as both teams sat pretty at the top with six points, while Côte d’Ivoire and Serbia-Montenegro were equally pointless.

Argentina topped the group to meet Mexico in Leipzig; while Holland went on to lose against Portugal in Nürnberg. Argentina then lost to Germany on penalties in the Berlin quarter-final.

The World United Through Football World Cup Winners:

Football in Argentina Argentina 1978; Mexico 1986.

Netherlands Runners-up: West Germany 1974; Argentina 1978; South Africa 2010.

The Match

Holland have had their moments and so have Argentina. In terms of support, this is almost a home game for Argentina.


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2014 World Cup – Second Round Previews

Saturday, 28th June

Brazil vs Chile in Belo Horizonte.

Brazil and Chile have met three times at the World Cup Finals.

The first meeting was in the semi-final at Chile 1962. Brazil won (4:2) with Garrincha and Vava both scoring twice.

At France 1998, Brazil beat Chile (4:1), in Paris; where goals from two free-kicks and a penalty, in the first-half, gave Brazil a comfortable lead before the break.

At South Africa 2010, Brazil disposed of Chile (3:0) in Ellis Park, Johannesburg.

Colombia vs Uruguay in Rio de Janeiro.

Colombia and Uruguay have only met once at the World Cup Finals.

Although Uruguay won the Arica group game (2:1) at Chile 1962, both teams went out to USSR and Yugoslavia.

Sunday, 29th June

Netherlands vs Mexico in Fortaleza.

Holland and Mexico have only met once in a World Cup Finals; at France 1998.

The St. Etienne group game, on 25th June, ended in a (2:2) draw; meaning both teams qualified for the Second Round.

Holland went on to reach the semi-finals; where they lost to Brazil on penalties.


Costa Rica vs Greece in Recife.

Costa Rica and Greece have never met each other before in world football.

Costa Rica’s best World Cup performance was reaching the last 16 at Italia 1990; where they lost to Czechoslovakia (1:4) in Bari.

Greece have made it through to the Second Round, at the third attempt.

Monday, 30th June

France vs Nigeria  in Brasilia.

France and Nigeria have never met at a World Cup Finals although they did play a friendly match in 2009. Nigeria won the game (1:0) in Saint-Etienne.


Germany vs Algeria in Porto Alegre.

Algeria and West Germany met in the group stage of Spain 1982. Algeria won the match (2:1) in Gijon.

The two teams also played a friendly in Algiers, back in 1964. Algeria won that game too (2:0).


Tuesday, 1st July

Argentina vs Switzerland in Sao Paulo.

Argentina and Switzerland have only met once at a World Cup Finals, in the England 1966 group stage.

Argentina beat Switzerland (2:0) in Sheffield; then lost to eventual winners, England (0:1) in the quarter-final.


Belgium vs USA in Salvador.

Belgium and USA played each other in a group game at the first World Cup, in Uruguay 1930.

United States won that game (3:0) and qualifed for the semi-finals; where they lost miserably to Argentina (1:6).

If USA were to win this game, they could meet Argentina again.

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